Our Beers

Rocko Wit

  • Brilliant. Loud. Outgoing.
  • Description:  Rocko is an easy drinking Belgian Wit with minimal hop bitterness and a complex flavor profile of stone fruit, orange, coriander, and esters, with a slightly tart finish
  • ABV:  5.5%
  • IBUs: 14

Hauser Hazy IPA

  • Smooth. Cool. Hoppy. 
    Hauser is an easy-going, juicy IPA with less bitterness, a fruit forward aroma and approachable flavor.
  • ABV: 6.5%
  • IBUs:  45

Wolfie Après Ale 

Sunny. Social. Refreshing.
So what is an Après Ale?  Whatever maximum (or minimum) level of exertion you just experienced, this beer wants to give you a congratulatory high-five for a job well done.  Flavorful, clean, and easy-drinking.
ABV: 5%
IBUs:  15